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Issues related to the RCRA process
Due to additional questions from Middleport residents about the FMC proposed Corrective Action Management Unit (CAMU), FMC has submitted an article for posting on the CIG web site. It explains what type of material will be placed in the CAMU and presents questions and answers pertaining to the use of a bottom liner, the environmental effect on the area, soil source, if it's hazardous and long term responsibility. Click the Read Full Article link below to read the article. Please post your comments at the end.

Posted by: Wally on May 29, 2008 - 09:55 AM  Read full article: 'New Q/A About the CAMU Proposal' (1343 more words)

Issues related to the RCRA process
In 2003, FMC contracted an outside firm (Exponent) to investigate the actual human exposure to arsenic in soil in the Middleport area. During that summer urine and toenail samples were taken from 439 Middleport residents which included 77 children under 7 year old. This represented more than a quarter of the population in Middleport and a little less than half of the children under 7 who lived in the area at that time. Tests were also performed on samples of vegetables from area gardens, house dust was collected and soil samples analyzed. The detailed report from Exponent is in the document repository of this web site in the Arsenic in Soil - Related Documents.

It should be noted the government agencies have declined to accept the results of this study. The Community Input Group is seeking a clarification of the reasons.

Click the "Read Full Article" link below for the summary extracted from the FMC document "CMS Work Plan for the Air Deposition Area" also in the document repository of this site (See the story below "Corrective Measures Work Plan Now Available".)

Posted by: BillA on May 19, 2008 - 09:03 PM  Read full article: ' Investigation of Middleport Environmental Exposure to Arsenic' (501 more words)

Issues related to the RCRA process
The Corrective Measures Study (CMS) work plan for the Air Deposition Area is now in the document repository. You can find it in the RCRA Document Library of the Document Repository in the Main Download section. There are two parts, click here to go to them directly: Part 1 and Part 2.

The air deposition area consists of the residential homes between Main St. and the Niagara/Orleans county line and the canal to Route 31 (Rochester Rd.). The CMS does not include the School property since that has been remediated.

Posted by: BillA on May 15, 2008 - 12:38 PM  Read full article: 'Corrective Measures Study Workplan Now Available' (40 more words)

Discussion related to community issues
The CIG would like you to leave a comment or an opinion. This is how we know the way the community feels about the issues. You may leave one about any story on the site, any document in the repository or just one in general on what you think about remediation

Please click on the Read Full Article" link below to read how.

Posted by: BillA on Apr 28, 2008 - 02:22 PM  Read full article: 'Please Leave a Comment' (447 more words)

Information and news about the CIG
The meeting notes for the May 12, 2008 meeting are now available for downloading here

Note: These notes have now been added to the monthly meeting notes archives.

Posted by: Admin on Apr 25, 2008 - 06:57 PM  

Discussion related to community issues
About one year ago, FMC proposed a Correction Action Manage Unit (CAMU) to be located on the east side of their property in Middleport. This unit would contain arsenic contaminated soils removed during the various remediation projects for permanent storage. These projects include village properties as well as the tributary (creek) and culvert running through the village. Under environmental regulation, no hazardous materials would be stored at the site. The government agencies (DEC/DOH/EPA) will have to approve FMC's application before a CAMU could be established. The formal application was submitted in March of this year.

Soils which have been removed during previous remediation activities such as the school yard, Vernon St. and Park Ave. are now located in the proposed CAMU area. This current soil storage area is considered temporary. The application to the agencies is for approval of a design for a CAMU which would be permanent. The application as it was submitted is in the document repository of this web site. Click here to go there directly. Click the "Read Full Article" link below for more of this story.

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All meetings run from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the Masonic Lodge, 20 Main St. in the Village. All Middleport residents and property owners are welcome to stop by anytime while we are meeting.

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