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How do I log in?

Simply go to the blue box on the righthand side of the homepage that is just above the link to the Middleport Community Web site. In the top box, put in your user name. In the second box, type in your password. Hit the return key. You will then be logged in.

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How do I find something on this site?

Find the "Search" box on the left side of the homepage. Type in a word or words related to what you are looking for. Hit your return/enter button. The related pages or items will be displayed. Click on them to go to that information.

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Can I add a story?

Yes, it is possible. Send your story to the CIG Chair at Upon approval, the story will then be posted (we don't want spam or nasty, inappropriate, unrelated, etc. stories posted). If posted, like all other stories, people will be able to comment on your story and you can even reply to their comments.

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Can I make comments on articles on this site?

Yes, users can make comments on articles. Simply click on the "Post Comment" box at the very end of the article. Type in your comment and then preview it by pressing the box that says "ok". When you are ready, you can post your comment by pressing "ok" after the preview step.

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Who is allowed to register to use this Web site?

Anyone is allowed to register. Just send your user name, which can be anything you would like, and your address (city, state) to

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When I register, do I have to use my real name or can I use an alias?

You can use any name that you would like. When you do get registered, you can either add your name to be seen on the "Member List" that you can access from the main menu or you can leave it blank. Some people are not comfortable using their whole name on the Internet, so you can use an alias, just a first name or initials.

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Why can't I open the section on the left sidebar that says "For CIG members only"?

That section is visible only to the members of the CIG group.

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What can an unregistered visitor to this site do?

Visitors can read all the news articles in the general news section. They can download all documents in the Document Repository, read the Member List and "Search" for information on this site. All visitors can leave a comment in the section called "Leave a Comment", vote in the Polls and ask a question for posting here in the "FAQ" section.

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Where can I find definitions for technical terms used on this site?

A list of technical terms and their definitions can be found here This area is found on the Main Menu by going to the "Terminology" heading, clicking the heading "Acronyms and Terms" and then the listing for "Technical Terms".

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Is there a study which indicates what levels of arsenic in soil are acceptable/safe to permit human habitation?

Yes indeed there are several! Anaconda, Montana, Denver Colorado and Omaha Nebraska are just a few. The one fact to be aware of is that each state has their own criteria for acceptable levels of arsenic in soil. In Anaconda it is 250 PPM, in Denver it is 75 PPM in Omaha it is 70 PPM for children, adults much higher. In New York it is 13 and 16 PPM depending on the land usage. The reason for the disparity is what naturally occurs in each state and what assumptions are used by the calculating government agencies. What seems to be lost is that we are all the same species of humans and what is safe for one region should be the same for another.

For more information and documents covering some of the studies look through the Document Repository on this site in Arsenic In Soil - Related Documents withing the repository section. (Use this link). The Health Consultation report for Omaha prepared by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry which is part of the Federal Department of Health and Human Services is one of the documents there (look for Health Consultation - East Omaha, Nebraska).

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All meetings run from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the Masonic Lodge, 20 Main St. in the Village. All Middleport residents and property owners are welcome to stop by anytime while we are meeting.

Meeting Notes & Agendas

Download CIG meeting notes and agendas from  2006 to the present here.

CIG Mission Statement

To download a copy of the CIG's Mission Statement click here.

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