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The notes from the CIG's November 20, 2009 CIG meeting are now available. They can also be downloaded using the link below.
Middleport Community Input Group
Meeting at Masonic Lodge Hall – Part I Meeting Summary
November 12, 2009 – 5:30 to 7:20 p.m.

In Attendance:
Bill Arnold – CIG Chairman Michael Miano –Resident
Elizabeth Storch – Resident Thomas Harrington – Resident
Nina Willing – Resident David Barney – Resident
Richard Willing – Resident Dan Watts, NJIT – Technical Consultant
George White – Resident Brian McGinnis – FMC
Ann White – Resident Andy Twarowski – FMC
Tom Arlington – Town of Royalton Erin Rankin – Arcadis
Betty Whitney – Resident Debra Overkamp – AMEC
Janet Lyndaker – Resident Wai Chin Lachell – AMEC
Larry Lutz – Resident Kelly McIntosh – AMEC
Richard Westcott – Resident Mike Hinton – NYSDEC
Herb Koenig – Resident Ann Howard, RIT – Facilitator
Roger Grove – Resident Jim Pasinski – Meeting Notes

1. Welcome and Introductions; Agenda Review
• A. Howard began the meeting and led introductions.
• A. Howard noted that several new faces were in attendance. She provided an overview of how the meeting flows.
• A. Howard reviewed the agenda.

2. FMC Update
• W. Lachell noted that FMC’s Keeping You Posted document had been provided and that FMC’s update would coincide with that document.
• W. Lachell noted that FMC is in the process of revising the 2007 Early Actions Construction Report.
• W. Lachell noted that FMC plans to finalize the draft of RFI Vol.5 at the end of November and the Agencies are planning to schedule a public meeting in January. That meeting will likely take place either the day before or the day after the Jan. 12 CIG meeting.
• W. Lachell stated that the Agencies plan to produce a schedule for the completion of the remaining RFI reports likely in January 2010. She noted that the priorities for completion of the RFI reports were set with input from the CIG.
• W. Lachell stated that FMC is waiting for feedback from the Agencies regarding the 2009 soil sampling. The Agencies will determine if there are sufficient data and FMC hopes to hear from the Agencies in early 2010.
• W. Lachell stated that as part of the Corrective Measures Study (CMS) process FMC submitted to the Agencies a work plan for a soil tilling and blending pilot study. She stated that the Agencies informed FMC that they would not have time to review the work plan. B. McGinnis stated that FMC has decided to move forward and perform the study “at risk” and the work would likely begin on Nov. 16. He stated that the work would likely take a few days and will be performed on two parcels of land. E. Rankin stated that soil samples would be taken before, during and after the tilling/blending. She stated that it is important to remember that this is only testing and not a full-scale remediation.
• W. Lachell stated that FMC’s draft map depicting reasonably anticipated future land use is available for review. There will be two coffeehouse events at the FMC Neighborhood House at 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 17 and Dec. 3 for residents to review the map and provide comments. W. Lachell stated that FMC examined current land uses, reviewed current zoning maps, reviewed existing town and village planning documents and met with planning officials to create the map. B. McGinnis stated that the draft map only attempts to depict future land use for the purposes of the CMS only and has no impact on current or future zoning. W. Lachell stated that as part of the CMS the Agencies established goals for FMC to attain and one of those goals was to examine current land use and reasonably anticipated future land use. She stated that the approach to cleanup on residential land may be different than on industrial or commercial land. She stated that the cleanup number for a residential property would likely be lower than the cleanup number for other land types. Therefore, the CMS needs to consider if there could be possible changes in land use in the future and evaluate if the identified remedies are appropriate.
• K. McIntosh provided a presentation on the human health risk assessment that FMC is performing in Middleport. The presentation was given at four events held in Middleport the prior week. He stated that FMC’s risk assessment is a component of the Corrective Measures Study which will culminate in a recommended alternative to address soil arsenic. W. Lachell stated that the corrective action objectives state that site-specific results would be taken into consideration in the CMS.
• K. McIntosh stated that the purpose of the CMS is to develop, evaluate, justify and recommend corrective measures. He stated that the risk assessment supports the CMS by evaluating alternatives for protectiveness of human health. The risk assessment also responds to community concerns and will facilitate community participation.
• K. McIntosh stated that the goal of the risk assessment is to provide a comprehensive assessment that most effectively utilizes Middleport-specific data and best supports the evaluation of CMS alternatives with respect to protection of human health. He stated that areas being assessed are surface soils within the air deposition area, surface soils along culvert 105 north of the Erie Canal and subsurface soils along culvert 105 north and south of the Erie Canal.
• K. McIntosh stated that based on the constituent of concern screening process, arsenic was determined to be the only chemical of concern.
• K. McIntosh stated that several parameters govern how much exposure residents have including soil and dust ingestion rates, relative bioavailability of soil arsenic, fraction of exposure of indoors compared to outdoors, years of exposure, ages when exposed, exposure frequency and body weight.
• K. McIntosh stated that FMC is performing both probabilistic and deterministic risk assessments as part of the CMS. He stated that the probabilistic approach has a goal to provide a comprehensive assessment that most effectively utilizes Middleport-specific data. He stated that distributions describe variability of exposure factors across an entire community. He stated that for the Middleport CMS the distributions would let FMC see how remedial alternatives could reduce exposures across the entire community.
• K. McIntosh stated that the risk assessment is being performed concurrent with the CMS and FMC will submit it when the draft CMS report is submitted.
• K. McIntosh stated that it is very important for Middleport residents to complete FMC’s soil exposure survey. Survey copies were delivered to residents in the CMS study area and the survey can also be taken online at

3. Other Discussion
• B. Arnold stated that the Agencies had previously provided a schedule of activities through 2009. He stated that the CIG had requested a similar schedule for 2010 but had not yet received anything. M. Hinton stated that he did not know specifics but noted that something was being worked on.
• D. Overkamp stated that the FMC Neighborhood House is open Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. or by appointment. She stated that FMC had made a $200 donation to the annual fund drive of the Middleport Free Library. FMC Middleport plant employees reach 100% contributions to the United Way and the company matched the contributions, for a total donation of $10, 869.
• D. Overkamp stated that FMC held an update meeting with local elected officials in October. Among the attendees were State Sen. George Maziarz, representatives from U.S. Rep. Chris Lee and State Assemblywoman Jane Corwin’s office along with Middleport officials. They received an update on plant activities and the environmental program.
• D. Overkamp stated that approximately 425 people attended the Property Price Protection program open house held on Oct. 24. Those people came through the 11 homes that FMC has for sale in Middleport.
• D. Overkamp reported that the Middleport community Web site had 800 visitors in October and the CIG Web site has 280 visitors.

4. Meeting Schedule
• There will be no December meeting.
• The January meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2010.
• The February meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010.


Note: Click here [4] to download a copy of the November 20, 2009 Part I meetings notes in pdf format.
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