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Posted by : BillA on Apr 06, 2008 - 11:50 AM
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In the document repository (select from the main menu), under the sub heading "Document Repository" then under "Meeting Presentations" you will find a presentation made at the May, 2007 CIG meeting. In that document are three maps of Middleport which show properties that would get remediated if the trigger number was 20, 30 or 40 PPM (the ones in green). Look at those maps and find out about your property.

Click here [4] to download and view the document from the repository. Click on the "Read Full Article" link below for more on this story.

The maps in this presentation show properties in the so called air deposition area of Middleport. This area was believed to have been susceptible to wind blown arsenic contamination from the FMC plant. There are three maps. The first shows which properties are on the agency's list for remediation if the trigger number is 20 PPM. The second map shows properties to be remediated if the trigger is 30 PPM and the third for 40 PPM. The trigger level is that number, which if exceeded, could cause that property to be remediated. It is not necessarily the level the property will be cleaned up to. For example if 30 PPM is the trigger level, then a property which exceeds that level might be remediated to a lower lever which could be 20 PPM or lower. A difference of 10 PPM. Properties in green show those which could be remediated for the corresponding trigger level. Properties in white either do not need remediation at that trigger or have not been sampled.

There will be a Corrective Measures Study (CMS) beginning this year which will determine what the trigger level will be and any alternative remediation processes which can be used. Excavation may not be the only method.

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