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Middleport Community Input Group FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

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What days does the CIG meet?

The CIG typically meets on first or second Mondays or Thursdays of the month on a rotating basis. Please check this Web site for the next month's meeting dates.

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Where does the CIG meet?

The CIG meets at the Masonic Hall at 20 Main Street in the Village. The hall is located between the laundromat and the Police station/Village hall on the west side of the street. It is also known as the Cataract Lodge. The doorway is on the right side of the building next to the laundromat. The meeting room is to the back so the building may look dark from the street but the door will be open on meeting nights.

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How long has the CIG been meeting?

The CIG has been meeting since November 2006. Prior to that, some CIG members, who are also members of the Middleport Remedial Advisory Group (MRAG), met for approximately 2 years with Dr. Dan Watts of the New Jersey Instititute of Technology, to become familiar with the RCRA environmental program in Middleport.

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Where can I see a list of all the registered members on this Web site?

On the main menu to the top left of this site, there is a lisitng called "Member List." Just click that active link and it will take you to a page that has a list of all registered users on this site.

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Can a Middleport resident ask a question or make a statement at a CIG meeting and NOT have the scribe enter it into the meeting notes? How much confidentiality is there regarding the meetings?

The meetings are agenda driven. Sometimes there is time for a question and answer session but many times there is not. If anyone has a question pertaining to the topic being discussed, they should feel free to ask. Because of time constraints it may be necessary to limit discussion if it gets too far from the topic.

Notes are taken during the meetings and these notes are posted on the web site. They are not word for word notes but a summary of what was said. However names are typically attached to statements. If anyone wishes to remain anonymous, they should say so.

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How much respect is there for individual opinions and individual concerns?

The group welcomes all opinions to be expressed at the meetings however when decisions are made the majority rule. This is an emotional topic for many so if those emotions run high some restraints to the conversation may be needed. The group frowns on arguments between meeting attendees.

The major focus of the group is the community. In cases where there is an individual concern for a particular property, that owner should discuss it with the proper people outside of the group meeting environment. There are opportunities before, after and during the mid way break at the meetings for individual discussions. Also the FMC house on Vernon Street is open on Tuesday's and Thursdays. The phone number is 735-7939.

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I just bought a house in Middleport last month. Can I attend the meetings? I rent an apartment in Middleport. Can I attend the meetings? I do not live in Middleport but I own a business in Middleport. Can I attend the meetings?

Anyone who owns property or lives in Middleport or a defined area surrounding the village is welcomed to attend the group meetings. This area consists of the Niagara/Orleans County line on the east, Carmen Rd. to the west, Pearson Rd. to the north and Route 31 to the south.

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What is the Mission Statement of the CIG

The Mission Statement of the CIG can be found on the right sidebar of this site. It is in the third blue box. Simply click the highlighted text that says "click here" and the CIG Mission Statement will open up for you.

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What does CIG mean?

CIG stands for Community Input Group. MCIG for Middleport Community Input Group.

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Do individual homeowners have an opportunity to ask questions regarding their property?

Anyone may ask a question concerning the remediation process, what will happen during remediation, how properties are determined they need remediation, various remediation techniques, etc. or topics being discussed during the meetings.

Issues individual property owners have regarding personal concerns such as testing or sampling on their property, particular landmarks on their property such as small buildings, a pool, a shrub or a tree, dying vegetation after remediation, etc. need to be directed to the people performing the remediation which in this case is FMC.

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Why should someone in the Village of Middleport come to the CIG meetings when they do not live in an area where remediation is possible. It takes time and effort to come to the meetings.

Residents of Middleport have a legal right to gather and to be a part of whatever occurs in the village regarding remediation. This right is guaranteed by EPA regulations. Being part of the CIG is an opportunity to become educated about the remediation process and have a say in what the community would like to have as an outcome. It is the opportunity to have a dialog with both Industry and Government and to have meaningful input. Attending CIG meetings is an opportunity to make the outcome for Middleport the best possible one for the greatest number of citizens of the Village.

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How long do the CIG meetings last?

The meetings start at 5:30 PM with the open session involving FMC representatives, the agencies and residents who do not wish to join the CIG ending around 6:45. A session which includes CIG members only follows the break, ending at 8:00 PM.

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Why should someone in the Village of Middleport come to the CIG meetings when their property falls within the air deposition area and is facing remediation? Of what value to these homeowners is attendance at the CIG meetings?

There are 3 groups involved in the remediation planing: the government (the agencies), industry (FMC), and the residents. Residents are an integral component in the whole remediation process in Middleport. The residents, in forming the CIG group, have collectively gathered to help one another research, study, and understand all the implications of the remediation process and the alternatives. The residents, collectively in meetings, are independently trying to interpret what is the best for Middleport. The residents have a great stake in the outcome which will have an affect on the way the village looks and property values.

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What is the format of the meetings?

The meetings follow an agenda established at the previous meeting. There is usually time for attendees to ask questions of the topics being discussed. There is also time before, after and during the break between sessions to ask questions of either CIG members, FMC reps or agency reps.

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Do individual homeowners have an opportunity to ask questions regarding their property?

Attendees of meetings have the opportunity to ask questions which are particular to their property before or after the meeting and during the break. If anyone doesn't have a chance to express their concern they can visit or call the FMC house on Vernon St or leave a message on this Web site.

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Who are the agencies?

There are three separate government agencies involved in the remediation process and planing. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the New York State Department of Health (DOH). The EPA has regulations governing soil clean up objectives but do not necessarily set what the level of contamination should be for arsenic. The state agencies have set that number based on studies of state background levels.

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The CIG meetings start about the time (5:30 P.M.) I sit down with my family to eat dinner. Can I bring a sandwich and a mug of coffee to the meeting so I am not hungry?

Of course. The meetings are very relaxed and people eat the light refreshments (which can be finger sandwiches, veggies, dip, chips, cookies, etc) served at the meetings. Beverages are also provided.

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Does anything the CIG decides really have an impact on decision-making of the Agencies or FMC?

The EPA regulations on Public Participation set down the ground rules for the interaction of citizen groups, government agencies and the facility (FMC). By rule, the other two organizations must listen and consider citizen comments and requests. Also on this web site are a list of accomplishments the CIG has had in it's one year existence.

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Next Meeting Date

There are no plans for a meeting at this time.

All meetings run from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the Masonic Lodge, 20 Main St. in the Village. All Middleport residents and property owners are welcome to stop by anytime while we are meeting.

Meeting Notes & Agendas

Download CIG meeting notes and agendas from  2006 to the present here.

CIG Mission Statement

To download a copy of the CIG's Mission Statement click here.

The CIG Brochure

To download the CIG brochure in pdf format just click this link.


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