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Posted by : BillA on Apr 04, 2018 - 08:02 PM
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The DEC announced its plans to continue remediation of private properties in the Middleport village during the 2018 construction period.

The areas to be done are:
  1. The "N&O block" which is the area bounded by Park Ave. on the north, the railroad on the south, Maple Ave. on the east and Main St. on the west. This does not include St. Stephens Church which has already been remediated.

  2. The "S block" which is what is left to be done on the west side of Vernon St. between South St. and Telegraph Rd.(three properties) and the east side of Main St. between South and Telegraph excluding the two properties already remediated in 2003.

  3. The "G block" which is Hammond Parkway including those properties on State St and the east side of East Ave.

However many properties within these blocks are not up for remediation because they have received "clear letters or no further action required". For example, in the N Block, only one property on Main St. (the large brick apartment house) and the two properties on Vernon behind the apartment building are up for remediation. All the rest are clear. On Main in the S block, six owners have refused and one (perhaps a new owner) has received a request from the DEC without a reply so far. This leaves only six properties that will be remediated this year in that block. Even though the DEC announcement included the east side of East Ave. in the G block, only those ranch houses within the Hammond Parkway development will be up for remediation this year but of the five properties bordering State St. in the G block, three are clear and the owner of one has refused, leaving only one to be remediated.

The properties along Telegraph Rd. are clear and all but two properties along west side of Main St. between Francis St. and Telegraph Rd. are clear. Of the latter two, one will be remediated this year and the owner of the second has refused.

After this year there will be roughly 60 properties remaining to be remediated mostly along State St., its feeder streets and Main and Vernon St. between State and Park. However many in these areas have received clear letters. About 30 properties are done each year so maybe after this year only two more years remain and the Air Deposition Area will be done (except for those properties along State between the village line and the county line).

In their announcement, the DEC stresses that remediation is voluntary and property owners have the ability to decline. Indeed a number of owners have declined.

The DEC also announced separately the remediation at the Junior/Senior High School will continue in 2018. The remediation effort will involve the eastern portion of the school property (east of the Junior High to the property line and north of the already remediated field hockey field up to the road (Rt 31E).

To view the DEC announcement on residential cleanup click here [3].
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