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About one year ago, FMC proposed a Correction Action Manage Unit (CAMU) to be located on the east side of their property in Middleport. This unit would contain arsenic contaminated soils removed during the various remediation projects for permanent storage. These projects include village properties as well as the tributary (creek) and culvert running through the village. Under environmental regulation, no hazardous materials would be stored at the site. The government agencies (DEC/DOH/EPA) will have to approve FMC's application before a CAMU could be established. The formal application was submitted in March of this year.

Soils which have been removed during previous remediation activities such as the school yard, Vernon St. and Park Ave. are now located in the proposed CAMU area. This current soil storage area is considered temporary. The application to the agencies is for approval of a design for a CAMU which would be permanent. The application as it was submitted is in the document repository of this web site. Click here to go there directly. Click the "Read Full Article" link below for more of this story.
The design of the CAMU, as described in the application, is meant to protect the environment from contamination of arsenic which was removed in soils during the various remediation projects. There will be a cover over the contaminated soil made of a lightweight geotextile fabric. This fabric would be topped by one foot of soil and vegetation planted. This is theoretically suppose to eliminate any chance of contaminated dust from blowing off the site or from soil washing off the CAMU due to water runoff. There is a water extraction and collection system at the site which collects the ground and surface water and diverts it to an on site water purification system before it leaves the FMC property.

The maximum height of the CAMU will be 35 feet which is the maximum allowed by the Town of Royalton. The current height of the temporary impoundment is about 20 to 25 feet but it occupies only the northern section of what will be the CAMU.

There are two concerns which have been discussed by the Community Input Group. First, FMC is planning to possibly bring soils removed from all remediation projects they may undertake as directed by the government agencies. This includes areas within the village as well as the tributary (creek) outside the village to Jeddo Creek and Jeddo Creek to Johnson Creek to Johnson Pond in Lyndonville. Also areas in the flood plain of these creeks and their feeders may have to be included. The CIG has discussed this with some members not agreeing with the plan to bring soils brought in to the CAMU from north of Pearson Rd.

One of the reasons for having the CAMU was to reduce truck traffic within the village during remediation as the CAMU is located next to the village. Exiting roads on FMC property would be used for truck traffic. Bringing soil from outside the village would increase truck traffic though village streets. If the CAMU was filed to capacity by soil from the creek system before the village was remediated, then soils from the village would have to be trucked out, defeating some of the main reasons for the CAMU. In addition, the shortened routes were suppose to decrease the time necessary to complete the village remediation project. Another issue for some the members of the CIG was the stigma a large CAMU would have on the village and the desire to keep the unit to a minimum size with only village soils.

The second concern discussed by the CIG is an alternative design FMC is proposing which is different from what is specified for CAMU's by the government agencies. The modification would omit a liner under the unit (not the one covering it). This liner is suppose to limit contaminates from leaching from the CAMU to the ground water below. FMC's rationale is there currently exists a working water extraction system to remove any contaminated ground water from the site and diverting it to the water treatment system on FMC property. The members of the CIG have also discussed this with less concern than that for soils being brought in from outside the village.

Before the government agencies make a decision to agree or reject FMC's application, there will be public sessions and comment periods where citizens can make or submit comments to both FMC and the agencies.

The CIG welcomes any comments concerning the CAMU. This topic will be discussed again in the May CIG meeting and the members could pass a resolution requesting FMC to either limit the origin of soil to some boundary (Pearson Rd., Town of Hartland) or using a liner under the unit or both. Click on the comments link below or send a message to the CIG. You are also encouraged to use the poll on the right side of the home page
Permanent Storage of Remediated Soil on FMC Property in a Corrective Action Management Unit (CAMU) | Log-in or register a new user account | 1 Comment
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Re: Permanent Storage of Remediated Soil on FMC Property in a Corrective Action Manag

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by LizS on Apr 23, 2008 - 03:03 AM
(User information  | Send a message 
This CAMU will be here for eternity well beyond the lives of any of us reading information from this website. We have one time to "get it right". The Village of Middleport and/or the Town of Royalton will not have the financial resources to alter the CAMU once it is established. I believe we should allow the CAMU but to be as careful and cautious as possible. The areas of soils to be collected should stop at Pearson Road and the bottom liner should be installed before any more soil is added to the CAMU. FMC may argue the the bottom liner is redundant engineering but we hear in the news about chemicals leaking out of drums, etc. or enclosures of cement that were not supposed to leak. If the "water extraction system" FMC has currently malfunctions in part or in whole, we need a back-up system. We need to have redundancy built into the system for the protection of the future populations in the surrounding area. FMC is a really good company and I would hope that they would understand the people's concerns.

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