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Category: CMS Reports

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CMS for Operable Unit 3

Description: The Corrective Measures Study for Operable Unit 3 which consists of areas east of the village of Middleport. They comprise of farm lands north of the canal and east of the Niagara/Orleans County line as well as north and south side canal banks.
Version: | File size: 0 bytes
Added on: 20-Nov-2020 | Downloads: 116
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CMS for Suspected Air Deposition and Culvert 105 Study Areas

Description: Corrective Measures Study for the Air Deposition Area and Culvert 105 in Middleport.
Version: | File size: 0 bytes
Added on: 25-Apr-2020 | Downloads: 241
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Draft CMS Report for OU6

Description: Draft CMS Report for OU6
Version: | File size: 0 bytes
Added on: 24-Jan-2018 | Downloads: 450
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Draft CMS Report

Description: The text of the Draft CMS Report dated May 2011 can be downloaded from the heading link or from here. To download the full text of the report, the executive summary and the appendices from this report, click on the following links:
  • Draft CMS Report

  • Executive Summary

  • Appendix A - Agencies' Corrective Action Objectives

  • Appendix B - CMS Deliverables

  • Appendix C - Basis for Reasonably Anticipated Land Uses Map

  • Appendix D - part 1 - Description and Evaluations of Disposal Options

  • Appendix D - part 2 - Summary of Data for Proposed CAMU Phase 1 Area

  • Appendix E - Culvert 105 Technical Data

  • Appendix F - Human Health Risk Assessment

  • Appendix G - Ecological Risk Assessment

  • Appendix H- figures - Extent of Remediation for Each CMA

  • Appendix H - text -Extent of Remediation for Each CMA

  • Appendix I - Detailed Cost Estimates for Each CMA

  • Version: pdf | File size: 0 bytes
    Added on: 17-May-2011 | Downloads: 1040
    Home page | Details

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